Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Aquarium!!

The happy family!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Having fun with Uncle Daniel!

LOVING the birds!

Whatever Kevin and Daniel are looking at is way boring compared to what Charlotte is looking at!!
SO happy!

Not walking yet...but close!

Haha! Scary :)

Watch your fingers Charlotte!

Today was Charlotte's actual birthday, party behind us...we decided to go to the aquarium! She could not have loved it more!! What a great day! Daniel was still in town so he came along to help celebrate the day!

Charlotte went crazy for the birds at the aquarium! Daniel had never heard her laugh so hard! She was tickled with them to no end! She really loved splashing her hands in the touch pools too! She looked like she had a ball! And we all had a ball watching her!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

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