Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Visit to Kidspace!

Uncle Daniel and Charlotte at Snow Days...or I guess, Soap Days!
Charlotte's first trike!
Look! No feet!

Going up and down the slide! She was loving it!

Uncle! I'm too little for pull-ups!

Playing house with mommy and uncle!

Charlotte in the web! Maybe in a few more months!

I forget sometimes how little you are!!
So sleepy up there :)

Ready for music time!

I love this picture! She had so much fun! And so did we!!

We found this place after Daniel introduced us to Habitot up in Berkeley. We could not wait to take lil C! So we loaded up the car with my Dad, Daniel, Kev, Charlotte and I and made our way to Pasadena!

We went straight into the infant room so little C would roll, crash, stand and play in a big padded room! Much to our surprise we ran into Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn in the same room with their twins!! Charlotte even played with one of their little tots! They looked pretty low key, they just wanted to hang out with their little kiddos! Everybody played it cool, but there was a lot of whispering! It was pretty cool!

After that we walked around and got a feel for the rest of the place. It was enormous and totally knocked my socks off! When C's a little older we are going to get a family membership. We were planning on getting a Disneyland pass, but I think this is going to be WAY better! There's so much to do and lots of kids to play with!

P.S. You can't tell from the pictures but I swear my dad and Kevin were there! haha!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toyed out...

So much to play with!

Pooped out :)

So, we didn't have a ton of toys before Christmas and now well, she doens't know what to do with herself!! Just think Charlotte in three more months you're going to have MORE! Yikes!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!! It's here!

When she woke up I put her right in front of the tree...thinking I would get a cute grumpy face...

but she was all smiles!

There's my little grump!

Hanging out at Grandpa Larry's!

A pedometer!

I think that might be mommy's?? Okay, Okay you can keep it!!

Herbie will kiss you for it!!

You guys look a little pooped! This is only our first stop!

The beaming uncle!

Her first stocking of the day!!

Finally back at home!! I love her little Christmas outfit, it says "fa la la la"!

It's crazy legs Witt!

Or crazy leg Witts!
We just told her we got her a car for Christmas!! I felt like Oprah!
She was so excited!!

For me??
And all the taxes are paid up! We're even better than Oprah!!

Can I get in?!


Check your blind spot!

I know Mom. Geez!

There's more presents?! Get me out of here!

Daddy INSISTS we open stockings first...even though it's not natural! haha!

3rd stocking of the day!

But it had her favorite toy in it!! A remote that looks almost like Daddy's!

Let's open some presents!

She loves things that are little!

Tiny strips of paper :)

New toys! Where are we going to put them all!

What a whirlwind of a day! Kev and I got up at 6am to shower and get dressed and then woke up little C to get her dressed and ready to go for our first stop! Grandpa Larry's house! Charlotte had so much fun playing with (getting licked by) Herbie! That is when her uncle put her down for a smidge :) My dad went all out and spoiled us rotten with tons of gifts and made a wonderful breakfast. He totally outdid himself!

Second stop was Beth and Ken's house and they also spoiled everyone rotten! There were so many gifts for everyone and it was such a great morning. We all gave Ken and Beth the photo book from the photo shoot we did earlier in the month and I think they really liked it! We didn't take many pictures, but Kev took lots of video that I can't wait to go through. I think there's some comedy gold in there :)

Third stop was my Mom's house. She made a great big dinner, turkey, tamales the whole nine yards! She and Sal were working their buns off to get everything ready! Charlotte was a trooper and wasn't too cranky! My mom gave her a soft little bear and she went koo koo for it! For like a half hour she was holding it and never stopped saying "blah blah blah" it was hilarious! She sure had a lot to tell that bear!

Last stop...Home sweet home! We were so tired but we made some hot cider got in our PJ's and opened our presents to each other. Charlotte was super excited to see the little car we bought her and I was super excited opening my gifts surprise there! We tried to stay up a little late and have some family time, but we were all too tired and hit the hay!

It was a great Christmas, but we might need to rethink so many stops for next year. I really want to let Charlotte open gifts at home Christmas morning and have a nice relaxing day myself. We'll see what next year brings!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!!

Charlotte Rose all dressed up for some festivities!

She got an early present! Mostly because I was too lazy to wrap it!

I love your face Charlotte!


We only took one picture of them all night, why? Because this one was perfect!

So excited to be dressed up!

My poor tired husband! He's been working so hard at work :(

Awww...I love this pic :)

Are you talking about my sweater?

My aim is a little off!

It's the Jolly Clan!

My Dad and Darcy

Going tutuless :)

It's cool. This is my present.

It's Christmas Eve!! No way! I have been dying to spend Christmas with lil C before she was even born!! I know she'll have no memories of this Christmas and we didn't buy her a ton of toys. But to have her with us at each stop and her sweet smile to wake up to on Christmas morning feels like we hit the jackpot!! Cheesy I know, but it's true :)

We spent a little time with my dad and Daniel. Daniel bought Charlotte her adorable outfit! I couldn't not love it more! You can't really tell but her little shoes were so sparkly and adorable!

After spending time with my family we hopped over to The Ireland house for a little Christmas cheer! I was told we were all wearing Christmas sweater and ordered some online and was so bummed it didn't come in time for Christmas Eve :( My neighbor let me borrow a cute little sweater of hers. So nice! And then when we got to the party, of course...nobody else had worn a funny sweater. Ugh, I kinda had a feeling that might happen and I had a back up shirt in the car. But I was stuck in my christmas sandals..haha! Oh well!

After that...we headed home and hit the hay! We're ready for lots more Christmas cheer tomorrow!