Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Night with the Boys!

What is it?!

She was so excited and so was mommy!

Open, Open, Open!

Lil Superstar!!

Haha! Boxes are kinda fun :)

Her own mic!

She just loves looking at her little self :) But so do I!

Awww...they play so well together!

Kevin Lemons and Charlotte wore matching socks!!
Oh yeah! We rocked it!

Daniel, lead vocals; Expert level of course!

Such fun boys!

Haha! Go Kevin! You were great!

After a fun filled day at Habitot and lunch at Harvey's (best burgers EVER!) we came back to Daniel's place where Charlotte found a wonderful present from her Uncle! It was so cute and she loved it so much, Lil Superstar! It was perfect because later that night Daniel had some of his friends over and we played Rock Band! It was so fun and Charlotte slept all the way through all the raucous! But I doubt his downstairs neighbors did!

I can't believe we have to go home tomorrow, boooo! Our time has gone way too fast!

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