Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Visit to Kidspace!

Uncle Daniel and Charlotte at Snow Days...or I guess, Soap Days!
Charlotte's first trike!
Look! No feet!

Going up and down the slide! She was loving it!

Uncle! I'm too little for pull-ups!

Playing house with mommy and uncle!

Charlotte in the web! Maybe in a few more months!

I forget sometimes how little you are!!
So sleepy up there :)

Ready for music time!

I love this picture! She had so much fun! And so did we!!

We found this place after Daniel introduced us to Habitot up in Berkeley. We could not wait to take lil C! So we loaded up the car with my Dad, Daniel, Kev, Charlotte and I and made our way to Pasadena!

We went straight into the infant room so little C would roll, crash, stand and play in a big padded room! Much to our surprise we ran into Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn in the same room with their twins!! Charlotte even played with one of their little tots! They looked pretty low key, they just wanted to hang out with their little kiddos! Everybody played it cool, but there was a lot of whispering! It was pretty cool!

After that we walked around and got a feel for the rest of the place. It was enormous and totally knocked my socks off! When C's a little older we are going to get a family membership. We were planning on getting a Disneyland pass, but I think this is going to be WAY better! There's so much to do and lots of kids to play with!

P.S. You can't tell from the pictures but I swear my dad and Kevin were there! haha!

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