Monday, December 7, 2009

San Francisco here we come!! Day one!

It was raining! And we were at gate 23! But we brought our rain gear :)

They made her take off her baby uggs to check for bombs! haha!

It was an early morning for Charlotte!

But she was a trooper!

We're such tourists!

My Jetblue girls hooked us up with a whole row of seats in in row one!!
We're ready!

She loved looking out the window!

We waited to feed her the bottle until take off...thanks for the advice Beth!

Such a good girl :)

Charlotte and her uncle get a long so well. I really think she remembered him! They love each other so much!

Off to Squat and Gobble! Such a cute restaurant!


We flew out today on the 8am flight to San Francisco! It was raining in Long Beach and we had to walk all the way to gate 23! But with Kevin's good luck it was only sprinkling during boarding, so it wasn't too bad at all! We waited to feed Charlotte her morning bottle until take off and she did great! She looked a little scared, but no tears :) On the way down we gave her her pacifier back and she struggled just a little but as soon as we got low enough she fell fast asleep in my arms and stayed asleep until we found my brother at baggage claim!

We were starving so my brother took us to one of his favorite local places, Squat and Gobble. It was great! My brother is such a foodie and always knows the best restaurants! Love it!

Now back to Daniel's place to regroup and see what the rest of the day brings!

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