Tuesday, December 8, 2009

San Francisco - Habitot!!

Best place ever!

There was so much for her to look at...

She loved the other kids!

Lil C loves Habitot!

So happy!

Are you going to crawl?

She really wanted that book...


Go get it...


Good Girl! You're amazing!!

She was so intent with almost everything!

So cute!
Besties :)

He's so good with her, such a great teacher :)

All the other kids were jealous, they wanted Daniel to push them!

They had a wind tunnel for the kids to rake leaves in, we couldn't tell if she loved it or hated it!

Come on girl, rake up those leaves!!

My brother found the coolest museum that is intended for children from 0-7 years old. I couldn't wait to go check it out!

They had different play areas for the various ages of all the children and an infant garden for little tikes like C! She got to crawl around and look at some other cool kids :)

Over the past week or so Charlotte has begun to master the army crawl. She can't quite figure out how to get her legs working, but she can scoot her way all over the house by just using her arms! At Habitot she got up on her hands and knees for the first time and looked like she was going to start crawling any second! Who knows!

I can't wait to find something like this near home to take Charlotte to!

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