Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!!

Charlotte Rose all dressed up for some festivities!

She got an early present! Mostly because I was too lazy to wrap it!

I love your face Charlotte!


We only took one picture of them all night, why? Because this one was perfect!

So excited to be dressed up!

My poor tired husband! He's been working so hard at work :(

Awww...I love this pic :)

Are you talking about my sweater?

My aim is a little off!

It's the Jolly Clan!

My Dad and Darcy

Going tutuless :)

It's cool. This is my present.

It's Christmas Eve!! No way! I have been dying to spend Christmas with lil C before she was even born!! I know she'll have no memories of this Christmas and we didn't buy her a ton of toys. But to have her with us at each stop and her sweet smile to wake up to on Christmas morning feels like we hit the jackpot!! Cheesy I know, but it's true :)

We spent a little time with my dad and Daniel. Daniel bought Charlotte her adorable outfit! I couldn't not love it more! You can't really tell but her little shoes were so sparkly and adorable!

After spending time with my family we hopped over to The Ireland house for a little Christmas cheer! I was told we were all wearing Christmas sweater and ordered some online and was so bummed it didn't come in time for Christmas Eve :( My neighbor let me borrow a cute little sweater of hers. So nice! And then when we got to the party, of course...nobody else had worn a funny sweater. Ugh, I kinda had a feeling that might happen and I had a back up shirt in the car. But I was stuck in my christmas sandals..haha! Oh well!

After that...we headed home and hit the hay! We're ready for lots more Christmas cheer tomorrow!

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