Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charlotte's First Bathing Suit!!

I totally forgot!  It was too cold for Charlotte's bathing suit at the beach, so we snapped a few shots before we left!  Too cute!  Thanks Brenda for the adorable suit!

The Beach Days Have Begun!!

Ryan, Jen, Me and Kevin...what a great night :)

Ryan and Jen
Kevin and Ryan, grillin' up some dogs!

Little Charlotte...snug as a cute little bug!

Man was it windy!

Summer is here!!

We met up with Kevin's old friends, Ryan and Jen, at the beach!  It was so fun!  Lots of hot dogs, potato salad and smores...mmmm!  It was a little cold and windy, but we really had a great time.  Charlotte was a little out of sorts, but got into a groove once we put her in the car seat and left her alone!  Then she was the perfect baby!  

I can't wait to hit the beach more this summer!  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun with Robyn and Dominic!!

Mommy Robyn must be telling jokes!!

Charlotte eyeing her new best friend Dominic!

This one is my favorite!

Such a love!  Dang is my daughter white!  

My good friend Robyn and her adorable son drove in from Oceanside to hang out with Charlotte and I.  We had the best time catching up and seeing our little bugs play together!  Dominic was such a charmer, Charlotte might have her first boyfriend!  

Can't wait to hang out soon Robyn!  Second Street next time for sure!!

A Night in the Park

A fun night out!!  

Charlotte doing what she does best...sticking out her tongue!  Why does she love it so much?!

Just plain looking adorable!  

We got a chance to listen to some music in the park last night; it was so fun and relaxing!  Charlotte pretty much slept through the whole show...which was a plus!  Although I'm not surprised, she's used to listening to really loud music from her time in the womb :)

Next week...back to baking!  4th of July samplers!  Yum!! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day Kev!

The Witt Family!  We woke Charlotte up to take some family shots...she wasn't super stoked about it!!

My two most favorite people in the whole world!!

Charlotte's first gift to her Daddy!  It was a feat to get her feet in concrete!!  

What a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  It all started Saturday night at Beth and Ken's house.  We celebrated all the Witt Dads and some birthdays too, Sally, Beth and Keith!  It was an action and present packed night!  It was so relaxing and wonderful :)

On Sunday, Kev got to sleep in until 9:30am!  What a treat!  Then we relaxed, ate some pancakes and headed off to Grandpa Larry's house for a great BBQ dinner in the afternoon.  Kev looked really relaxed and I was glad to see him so happy.  He's such a wonderful father to Charlotte and I was so glad we got the chance to spoil him rotten!!

As Kevin's big gift, we registered him for the Disney half marathon (13 miles!!) in September!  He's really motivated and excited about it.  Me?  I think it sounds like torture!!  But I can't wait to cheer him on :)

Happy Father's Day Kevin!  I love you with my whole heart :) and I think you are amazing!  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Week Back to Baking!!

Me and Charlotte at the Lantern Park in Dana Point

Wedding cupcakes for Cassandra and Jim Hayes

Up close and personal...mmmm cupcakes!

Some Pirate Cupcakes for Kim and her family...Happy Birthday Kim and Kannon!  

Well, it finally happened...I had to start baking again :(  But, it went so awesome!  It was great to see Charlotte playing in her tree (best toy EVER!  Thanks Brenda, Kelly and Karen!)  while I was frosting cupcakes.  Amazingly enough I feel like I got my work done faster and more efficiently than ever before!

I wasn't sure how all of this was going to work out, but I'm so glad it has.  It means so much to me that I can stay home with her everyday.  I would be heartbroken if I had to go back to work! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Charlotte's Professional Pictures are all here!!

The Witt Family!

I love this one...she looks so squishy!!!

My little cocoon baby!!

He's got the whole world in his hands....

Kevin's Girls :)

Look at those buns of steel!!!

So precious, I could just eat them up!!!

We got the rest of Charlotte's professional pictures in today...they are so wonderful!  It's so great to have these newborn pictures...I want to remember her this small forever!  I hate that she's getting bigger, but I'm looking forward to all the memories we are going to make!  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 2 Month Birthday Charlotte!!

Charlotte is two months old today!  Time is flying by so fast, I really can't believe it!  Sad for Charlotte, she had to get her shots today.  She was so great for the doctor, smiling and cooing...totally adorable!  She's up to 10 lbs 8 oz and 23 inches!!  Doctor Hsu said that she is in the 50% for weight and th 75% for height!  She might be a tall one!  

Then the shots came and she gave the longest, loudest, silent cry of all time!  I felt so bad for her!  She's been a little out of sorts all day and since I was having sympathy pains Kev and I decided to hit up Baskin Robins for a sundae!  Maybe for Charlotte's next shots she can partake in some yummy ice cream too!  I just love that little babe!

Some REAL smiles!!

Thanks Aunt Shirley for the awesome outfit!  All I needed was something cute to wear to smile on camera :)

Oh I can't stand it!  Look at those chubby cheeks!!

Well, Charlotte is a smiling fool now!  She has the cutest little personality.  I see so much of Kevin in her, especially when she has one of those big gummy smiles on her face!!  She just lights up my day!