Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day Kev!

The Witt Family!  We woke Charlotte up to take some family shots...she wasn't super stoked about it!!

My two most favorite people in the whole world!!

Charlotte's first gift to her Daddy!  It was a feat to get her feet in concrete!!  

What a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  It all started Saturday night at Beth and Ken's house.  We celebrated all the Witt Dads and some birthdays too, Sally, Beth and Keith!  It was an action and present packed night!  It was so relaxing and wonderful :)

On Sunday, Kev got to sleep in until 9:30am!  What a treat!  Then we relaxed, ate some pancakes and headed off to Grandpa Larry's house for a great BBQ dinner in the afternoon.  Kev looked really relaxed and I was glad to see him so happy.  He's such a wonderful father to Charlotte and I was so glad we got the chance to spoil him rotten!!

As Kevin's big gift, we registered him for the Disney half marathon (13 miles!!) in September!  He's really motivated and excited about it.  Me?  I think it sounds like torture!!  But I can't wait to cheer him on :)

Happy Father's Day Kevin!  I love you with my whole heart :) and I think you are amazing!  

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