Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Day in San Francisco!!

She loved her new sippy cup!!

But couldn't quite get the hang of it!

Much easier lying down :)

The Jelly Belly Tour Picture...haha!

We woke up this morning and enjoyed my Grandma Opal's (and now Daniel's) famous potato egg casserole is was ridiculous amounts of deliciousness! We gave a Charlotte a sippy cup for the first time with apple juice in it, she loved it! But couldn't quite get the hang of it :) A for effort though!

Such a bittersweet day...we've had so much fun in San Francisco with Daniel, so action packed; it seems like we just got here! The only sweet thing that happened today was that we went to the Jelly Belly Factory! It was an hour drive outside of the City and Kevin, Charlotte and I all fell asleep and left my brother to drive! How rude! We went on a tour of the factory and it was very interesting. I hope you guys are enjoying those jelly beans because apparently they take forever to make!

After the Jelly Belly Factory we went straight to the airport and made it home in an hour. Charlotte handled it like a champ again. We lucked out and got a whole row to ourselves in row 24! Amazing!!

Daniel, thank you so much for planning such a wonderful trip for us. They're memories I will hold close to my heart forever! I love you so much!!

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