Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baking in Bakersfield and Breakfast with Santa!

Charlotte's oven cheek! Her left cheek was super red after being in the kitchen with us!


Aunt Marlene is such a pro!!

Breakfast with Santa was so much fun!

No smiles, but no crying either!

Sweet Julia :)

Joe was such a trooper!!

The whole Fam!
Lily didn't want to go anywhere near Santa! But we gave him a letter from her :)

Julia has the magic touch!

So tired!!

My baby :)

The puppet show! Charlotte slept through most of it!

But enjoyed the end of it!

Back at Marlene's she really gave crawling a good try...

But didn't quite get there!

They did so much to make her laugh!

They had so much fun!

That dancing chicken was a hit!!

So we got back from SF on Wednesday and Charlotte and I had to pack up and head to Bakersfield on Thursday! Yikes!! I timed the 2 hour drive to match up with her nap time so it was no big deal, she slept the whole way!

Baking went great! We tried some new recipes and Charlotte was amazing :) We put a blanket in the kitchen and loaded it up with toys and she was happy as a bug in a rug! We switched her out sometimes and let her roam in the halls in her walker. But barely a peep out of her!

Then on Saturday we went to "the club" to have breakfast with Santa. It was ridiculous amounts of fun! My little cousins came and had their visit with Santa too; there was even a puppet show! We came back to my Aunt's house and I let my cousins tire her out so she would sleep on the way home! It was a great success!

No rest for the weary tomorrow...lunch with Becky, Witt Christmas party at 3:30pm and then Melvin's annual Christmas party at 6:33pm!! I love Christmas!!

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