Saturday, May 2, 2009

Charlotte Rose is 3 weeks old!!

Mommy's good little sleeper :)

What a good Dad, one foot on the baby bouncer and two hands on the Wii Wheel...nice!

Our photo shoot for grandma Beth's Mother's Day pictures!!  The Witt cousins...too cute!!

Grandpa Larry calls this Charlotte's watermelon suit :)  I love it!!

Finally out and about!  Our first walk!

The proud Daddy, he's so good with her!!

But I love her!  

I can't believe Charlotte is already 3 weeks old!  Time is really flying by fast!  Kev lets me take lots of naps while he watches the baby, so I'm getting a little more sleep.  Charlotte is still sleeping 4-5 hours at a time during the night, which is awesome!  But she's crazy fussy from's like nothing can please that girl!  But we're trying!  Poor Sally every time she comes over to visit, Charlotte is in a mood and mostly screams the whole time!   

Kevin's been telling me that next week we have to start getting some stuff around the house done...but all I want to do is play with the baby and sleep!  Haha...but I have a feeling Kevin's not going to let me off the hook much longer!  He's such a stickler :)  We have gone on our first walk and even made a first visit to South Coast Plaza, so fun!

I'm not excited for him to go back to work soon...yikes!  

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