Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days and New Friends!

Lil C LOVES dogs, all sizes and shapes! She doesn't discriminate!

Big dog...big licks!

Making friends with Zoey! Charlotte really wanted her pacifier!

A beautiful rainbow after a charming rainy day :)

It's been raining, raining, raining for the last 5 days! I love the rain, so I haven't minded it one bit! But it has kept us indoors quite a bit!

On Friday morning my neighbors woke me and C up to tell us that the tree in front of our house was tilting and I should probably move my car so it didn't get smashed! The root was sticking WAY out and the tree looked a little shaky! The city checked it out on Friday and took off most of the branches and came back on Monday to take the whole tree down! I've never liked that old tree so I'm kinda stoked to get a new one! Yay!

Going doooown....

This root wasn't there yesterday!!

They trimmed the right side of the tree on Friday to take off some of the weight.

It was pouring while they were cutting. His little bucket had inches of water at the bottom!

They came back on Monday to cut the whole thing down! Timber!!!

There she goes!

They were done is less than 10 minutes! Crazytown!

Just a little stump on Loomis! I'm going to plant some roses and other flowers! I can't wait for them to grind it down!

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