Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

All ready to go!!

Mommy and Daughter!! Love :)

Her Favorite thing in the world...


She's been watching her Daddy to much!!

They were spinning and Charlotte was laughing SO much!

She was asleep before we started biking home!

Halfway home...

Poor sleepy girl!

Such a good hub! Carrying the diaper bag!

Last year's Mother's Day was amazing :) I had a one month old daughter who I finally got to hold and love! But this year, was even more rewarding! Waking up to her sweet smile, hearing her say mama, see her clap her hands and give kisses...warms my heart more than words can say!

She is a dream come true...but daaaaang was she moody today! haha! We slept in, rode our bikes up to the park had a great time! She fell asleep in her bike chair and when we hit a bump she had a rude awakening!! Poor lil C!! Kev really went above and beyond by making me feel loved and taken care of :)

I Love Mother's Day!!!!

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