Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Beachy Birthday!

Her first look at the Ocean! So sweet :)

Loving time with her daddy!

My favorite picture of the day!!

Not loving the cold air after the water!!

Just checkin' things out...

Where's the water??

There it is!!

I love her little happy face!!

It was so great to have my brother here the last few days and then today we hit the beach to take Charlotte in her first official dip in the sea! She couldn't not have loved it anymore! Or hated the undressing, rinsing off stage anymore! Haha!

Kev was the best husband ever! Let me sleep in until after 9am!! Say what!! We took a family nap later in the day and then headed off to the beach! Charlotte was a dream...which is SO rare!

What a great way to ring in #31!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best :)

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