Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hanging out at the park with the Sams!

Old friends and new friends!

They were so cute together!

They just wanted to hold hands :)

First time in the swing!

Well, Ethan had lots of fun!

But even with the best pusher in town...

Charlotte still didn't have a barrel of fun!

Charon was in town for a few days with her sons and we were lucky enough to snag a visit at the park! Her oldest son Jacob was all over the place and her youngest son, Ethan was so adorable! Charlotte loved holding hands and smiling at him! They were fast friends!

Charlotte went in the big kid swing for the first time, but she was so doped up on Tylenol I don't think she noticed!! Poor little gal has been teething :( No teeth yet, but I think I see one coming through...yikes!

Thanks Charon for spending some park time with us! We had tons of fun :)

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