Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Gorgeous Girl is 7 Months Old!

Charlotte Rose you are growing and glowing. Your little personality is coming out and astounds me everyday. Your little smirk is my favorite, it's a little closed mouth smile that sometimes turns into a big gummy smile, but only if I'm really funny!

You've begun to notice that people wear glasses and hats and you instantly try to snatch them off their heads! You started being able to put your own pacifier in your mouth...but only sometimes! You've become scared of the mailman, overnight it seems! You started eating meats, but hate it so we have to disguise it in your fruits and veggies! Your favorite thing to do is to look outside and you love the rain!

You've grown so big that you've outgrown your bouncy chair and your tree! Oh tree, we'll miss you! But sadly you've been replaced with the Jolly Jumper and the exersaucer!!

And to my delight I can see your Daddy all over your sweet face now. You really have the best of both of us!

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