Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday Charlotte! We Love you!

Charlotte in her new Strawberry Dress
Daddy bought Charlotte this cute outfit yesterday while I was busy doing a little housework! Such a great Dad and Husband :)

Charlotte is 4 months old today :) She's doing so much now, smiling at everyone, rolling over and laughing (although this has only happened once so far!). She loves to "stand" and likes being held again. She's just a light in our lives! I understand now how people say you can't imagine your life before baby! Because, what on EARTH did I do with all my spare time!! I wish I had just a few seconds of it now!

My favorite thing that's she's done this month - When she wakes up from her naps I go into her room and all I can see at first are her little bare feet sticking straight up in the air, moving back and forth. How she holds them up for so long I don't know! When I get closer I look in the crib and she smiles so big she has to look away, she's a shy little gal sometimes!

I look forward to lots of other favorite moments :)

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