Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reel Big Fish!

Rock'n Fish was excellent...make sure you try the spicy Macaroni and Cheese!!

Our seats were great!  Right on the rail!!  
The Opening Act, The Super Villains

The English Beat

Reel Big Fish!!  I love them!

The Fish, doing their thing :)

We're not very punk rock!  Haha!  I think Kevin is doing a hang ten!  We're lame :)

I have ALWAYS wanted to go see Reel Big Fish and I was so excited to get VIP seats at Club Nokia to see them!  Thanks Kevin for the best anniversary gift ever!  

The Super Villains opened and then The English Beat played for an hour...I didn't realize how many hits they had in the 80's!  Then Reel Big Fish played!  They played almost all of my favorite songs and did not disappoint!  

I was soooo glad we didn't have to stand the whole time on the floor and avoid mosh pits!  I'm getting old!  It was fun to look down on the kids and laugh; I'll happily take my seat with the other oldies!

The English Beat did say it was the most polite mosh pit they had ever seen...haha!  And if you crowd surfed the security guards would catch you and put you down.  Although they did let a few of the bigger ones fall on their face!  It was hilarious!  

Charlotte stayed with Grandpa Larry and Sandy...she was a great baby again!  She slept almost the whole time!  And then, because she loves her mom so much...C slept until almost 8:30am on Saturday morning!  Thank you Jesus! 

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