Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A visit to the Doctor!

All dressed up for a visit with Dr. Hsu!

Look at you baby! 13.6 lbs!! Such a big girl :)

So serious! Man I love that face :)

We made our way down to Dr. Hsu this morning to get Charlotte her 4 month check up! She's doing really well, 25" and 13.6lbs! Dr. Hsu is really impressed with how she's almost sitting up on her own and loves to roll over. She told us to start her on rice cereal, tonight! Charlotte's been a little fussy at night from 5-9pm, and the doctor said it's because she's hungry! She's a growing girl! So, we're off to buy some rice cereal! I don't have any on hand; I didn't think she'd be eating any food for at least a month!

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