Saturday, August 15, 2009

Visiting with Julie and Dan!

Yay! Cousins!!

Dan and Julie...thanks for the feast!

Julie and lil C! We forgot to take pictures early with Charlotte in her cute little polka dot dress! But a sleeping baby will do too!

My cousin Julie came down from up north, we haven't seen each other in years!! Way too long! We did lots of catching up, it was like no time had passed. She has such a good sense of humor and her boyfriend was hilarious too! He cooked us a dinner I will never forget! Goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts, grilled vegetables and risotto. Oh Dan, my taste buds are still tingling!! And he left us some of his awesome homegrown sweet sauce, I can't wait to use it again!

What a great visit! I wish we lived closer...but hopefully soon we can meet up in the middle and do something fun! Wine tasting? I say yes, yes, yes!

Thanks Julie and Dan for a wonderful evening, you were such great company :)

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