Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Sister the Homeowner!!

Sally you rock!!

Roll over already!

Good Girl!!
Kevin helping out a little!!

Aunt Sarah helping ME out!!

A homeowner's work is never done :)

What a great Dad! He took off the week to help out Sally!

We were so excited to go over to Sally's new condo and help out a little. Well, Kevin helped out while Charlotte and I distracted everybody! Her place is so fun and is going to look awesome once it's all painted!

While we were there Charlotte did two things I've never seen before!! She rolled over all the way on her belly on her right and left side...she can't get from her belly to her back yet, but she's trying! And, she was able to transfer a toy from her right hand to her left hand...yay!

But enough of Charlotte! Sally's place has lots of room for ALL of her shoes (which is no easy task!), an awesome patio, and lots of room for many wild parties :) Sally we are so proud of you and all that you've accomplished! We love, love, love you!!

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