Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun in Naples with the Witts!

I love this picture!  Carmen and I have such cute husbands and babies :)

Daddy Keith and Lucas enjoying a cupcake!

Adorable Raif!

The girls!  Brenda, Carmen, Me and Sarah

Paige...eating a cupcake and being absolutely adorable!

Charlotte, not being excited for a picture...shocking.

Daddy watchin' the kid and drinkin'

Great Aunt Karen and Charlotte!

We went down to listen to some tunes in Naples with Kevin's family and it was so great!  All the cousin's played together, I can't wait until Charlotte can join in!

Everyone chipped in and brought some food and wine...so we ate dinner, chatted and had a wonderful night!

The funniest incident of the night by FAR was when Reagan was taking pictures of Bailey and Bailey started posing like a little model, sweater off the shoulder...the whole bit!  They were so adorable!  After Reagan took the picture she would turn the camera around and show us that is was a good picture!     

I can't wait until next month when we go again :)

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