Monday, July 13, 2009

Hanging out on 2nd Street!

Such a proud uncle :)  We love him so much!

So happy with her uncle!

Hanging out at home before our adventure!  She just finished sucking her toes!!

Daniel was dying to wear baby C in the front back, and today we made it happen!  She was so happy in there!  We loaded her up with sunscreen and a super adorable sun hat and hit 2nd street!  Charlotte was the best baby ever; she loved her front pack so much she fell asleep in it and was just plain adorable!  

I was so sad to find that my FAVORITE store on the street had closed it's doors, The Femme Maison :(  I was so sad!  I hate the recession!      

But man, what a fun action packed day!

P.S.  An older gal heckled us and told me we shouldn't have the baby out and about, that she was too fair!  Kevin took the time to inform her that in fact she was wearing a bottle of sunscreen and would be just fine!  I love my hub!

P.P.S.  Charlotte is still just as white as she was before her 2nd Street debut!  Why are people so opinionated and annoying??

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  1. Best. Trip. Yet! Can't wait for August to wear the Baby Bjorn again and for when she's old enough for the baby jogger (although I think Kevin's most excited for that)!