Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charlotte's 3 Months Old...are you SERIOUS!!

I can't believe it's been 3 months already (I say this every time)!  Time is just flying right on by and it's been wonderful!  

This week Charlotte started liking tummy time, finally!  She's a pro at holding her head up now.  It sure is big, so she's gets tired after a few minutes!  She's smiling crazy still...but only on her own terms.  Charlotte is very independent and likes to play under her tree, but loves someone to sit next to her so she can look over and smile at them :)  She's loves to move her arms and legs like crazy (such a wiggler) and always looks at the Toucan that's hooked onto her tree.  She used to just stare at it but now she reaches her hand up and holds onto it, with her left hand!  We might have a lefty, just like Grandpa Ken and Uncle Daniel!  

We've been having lots of great time as a family and I'm sure I'll remember these days forever!  I just love it!

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