Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun at the Huntington Beach Street Fair!

I love this picture, almost as much as I love teal!

It was such a beautiful night, best weather ever!

Little Riley, stylish as always!

Good choice Kev!! 
Future Besties, Riley and Charlotte in their matching strollers!
Kevin and I went down to to HB Main street tonight and did a little shopping and a little chatting!  They had the best strawberries and other fresh, local veggies...mmm!  Best of all, one of my favorite friends, Becky and her adorable daughter Riley, joined us for some family fun!  I love summer!! 

Becky, who is an AMAZING photographer, taught me how to take pictures that isolate one color...I am SO excited!  I can't wait to start experimenting!  I expect Charlotte to make many costume changes tomorrow for a mother daughter photo op day!

Stay tuned for some awesome pictures!  

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