Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Night with lots of Witts!

The finished product!!  Oh we did good Carmen!!

Picture #72??  Thanks Kevin for getting our good side!

We sooo didn't even notice the cute kid in the back!  We looked at it and said the spacing could be better...haha!

Handsome Brothers!!

The Happy Family!

Nice Carmen!

Lucas so sweet, offering up a french fry to Charlotte!
Right before the line dancing began...super adorable!!

We went out for a family night with Keith, Carmen and Lucas, it was SO much fun!  We went to the park and let Lucas run wild :)  He tried to share his cheesy puffs with anybody he could find!  Charlotte snoozed  through most of the night!  She's been so worn out lately that she's sleeping an extra one to two hours a night!  It's been bliss!

Carmen did a little boot scootin' boogie which was fun to watch!  And the boys walked all the way to McDonald's to get us all a little food!  We appreciated it!    

It's so fun hanging out with Kevin's family and watching our little peas play together.  They'll both be running around by next summer!  I can't wait!!  Well, I can wait...but I am prepared!! 

P.S.  Charlotte is SO close to rolling over...she was all the way on her side tonight...just one arm holding her back!!  

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  1. such great pics. We saw tallulah last night and it was so fun..Paige and Tallulah can now was so worth the wait!! I know you will be so happy when Lucas and Charlotte tear up the house together..hhahah