Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinner at Ruby's

So full after a BIG meal!  

Daniel and adorable Lily!

Two handsome boys and my sweet baby!

Dad and Sandy

Julia and Joe deciding what to eat...so many choices!!

Thanks Uncle Daniel for the awesome new headband!! 
Well, I always swore that I wouldn't take Charlotte to a restaurant until she was like 1 or so!  But we went to lunch with Kevin's Fam a few days ago, so we took her out with my family too.  I decided that I was right the first time!  No more dinners out...she's just too little!!  Ruby's was a great place to have a crying baby, because it was so loud in there!  Thanks Marlene and Sandy for walking around with her and letting Kev and I scarf down our dinner before we took over! 

Since we were down there, we hit up the street fair...again!  We're going to be Huntington Beach regulars pretty soon!  Daniel bought Charlotte the cutest headband!  And I found a cute beanie for future windy beach nights!!   

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