Sunday, October 18, 2009

6th Month Photo Shoot with Becky Lynn Pesce

I love that little furrowed brow!

Such a sweet, thoughtful face :)

The only smile she cracked all day!!

I love everything about this picture!

For those of you who don't know, I kinda love teal. Lots.

She LOVED the rocks! She couldn't stop staring at them!

I love that little ruffle butt!

Having fun :)

Love the umbrella shots!

Her eyes have never looked bluer!

Uncle Daniel's favorite picture :)

Family reading time! Although Charlotte is mostly interested in eating books!

I love the look on her face!!

The best family picture of ALL time!!

Lil C was so tired, it was a long day for her!

My best friend Becky, you are so talented!

My best friend Becky took some time out of her Sunday to take lots of amazing pictures of little Charlotte, Kev and I. Lil C didn't want to crack one smile. She didn't want to nap that morning and was just tired and a little cranky. I left the park thinking that the pictures wouldn't be that cute because she wouldn't smile! But man, Becky did some magic and my baby girl looks as cute as ever!

Thanks Becky for being such a wonderful friend, I love these pictures and will look at them always and be grateful to you :)

Oh and Becky sent me a disk of 247 pictures from that day! It was incredibly hard to pick out my favorites!! I'm going to make an album of just these pictures...I've narrowed it down to about 80!!

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