Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raif's 1st Birthday!

Scuba Colby and his lobster! Pocahontas and a candy corn witch!

I love Halloween!

The farmer and his berry!

Charlotte - you look a little bedragled!
It took her awhile to get comfy in her costume, but she was a great sport!

Carmen's favorite pups!

Haha! I love the look on Jaymee's face!

The birthday boy and his gorgeous mom!

Charlotte LOVES dogs!

Sad! Where did the pup go?!

Cupcakes I made for Raif's birthday bash!

Grandpa and his sweet berry Granddaughter!

Keith and Sean

Cruella Carmen and Me :)

Oh C! You are so tuckered out!

We went over to The Durnin's to celebrate Raif's first birthday! I can't believe he's one too! Wow! It was a great party...lots of super delicious food, family from up north and tons of adorable costumes! I hope Brenda has a costume party every year for his birthday! The night could not have been more fun! Raif was the cutest lobster of all time!!

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