Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Real Beach Trip!

Hanging out...eating a little lunch!

Charlotte, you look so contemplative!
There's my happy little gal!

Charlotte's first time in the sand...

She just wanted to sink her hands in it!

She was having a ball :)

She loves her Uncle!

Thinking about something very important!

She just kept picking up handfuls and staring at in...things that are new!

I love hanging out with my brother! He's so adorable around Charlotte, totally smitten :)

Back home, cleaned up but she still insisting on catching some rays in Uncle Daniel's Sunnies!

My brother called me on Sunday and was like "Hey, what about a visit on Tuesday!" I was so game! It was a quick trip, just over a full day...but we maximized our time. We took Charlotte to her first beach adventure. She'd been to the beach once before but she never came out of her car was too cold!

Today she was alert and happy, taking everything in. She just kept picking up handfuls of sand and releasing them all over her jeans, sweatshirt pockets and every other crevice of her body! She needed a outfit and diaper change just to get rid of the sand! But of course will probably be finding it for the next few days :)

This was one of the first visits where I really think Charlotte recognized her Uncle. She warmed right up to him and was giving him mega smiles the whole visit. She has so much fun Uncle time to look forward too!

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