Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My new favorite berry...the Charlotte Berry!

I love her costume! It just cracks me up!

Just two farmers and a strawberry...hangin' out :)


A strawberry and a sock monkey :)

Charlotte kept looking at Aidan, it was like she was saying "look at me!!"

Oh Aidan, you are so sweet and handsome!

Getting treats at Dave and Pam's :)

Lil C's pumpkin is doing the fish face, Kevin's is the funny one and I'm the :)...because I'm always on the computer!! haha!

Charlotte and I had the most relaxing morning...we got up at 8am, lil C had her bottle and then we played in bed for a couple hours and when she tuckered out she slept right next to me while I finished up some work on the computer. We didn't get out of bed until noon! It was the best ever! We did feel sad that Kevin had to work; we couldn't wait for him to get home!

After we got up Charlotte and I went out front and carved our pumpkins. Well C hung out in her exersaucer and we chatted while I carved our pumpkins :) She's the best company!

Then my friend's Val and Chad brought their son over and my cousin Julie came over too; we all went trick or treating and hung out. What a fun night!

Julie and I had lots of catching up to do and we stayed up until the weeee hours. Thank goodness for the time change!

It was such a Happy Halloween! Charlotte you were the cutest strawberry in the patch!

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