Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rhea and Jerry get hitched!!

Rhea's Dad did their was very sweet!

Oh what a kiss! You guys are adorable!

The new couple!!

Let's party!!
Rhea was just too gorgeous for words!

What a beautiful wedding party!

Beth and her girls :)

Beth and her kiddos!
I was so excited to make the cupcakes for Rhea and Jerry!
Let's get our drink on!

Wait I thought you were driving?? Thank goodness Keith was the sober one!

Because Carmen and I had a few too many :)

We had the pleasure of watching Rhea and Jerry exchange vows at the Elk's Club. It was such a fun night! Rhea looked amazing (as always!) and everything went off without a hitch! Tonight was the first night we used a babysitter to watch lil C. Carmen was super generous and let us share her babysitter, so Charlotte and Lucas got to hang out for the night while their parents let loose a little!

Thanks Rhea and Jerry for throwing such an awesome party! We had a wonderful night!!

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