Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Sweet Charlotte Rose is 6 Months Old!!

She looks so jaunty!


Lil C with her heart on her sleeve :)

My sweet girl hit 6 months today and she is just a ball of fun! I remember when she was just days old, Kevin would say that he couldn't wait for her to be 6 months was the magic age for some reason! But man, Charlotte is smiling, happy and sitting up now, and well, it does seem to be the magic age! I love it too!

So in the last month, Charlotte decided that she can sit up. There were no signs of her even trying and then boom, there she was sitting up like a pro! She can roll over both ways now and she laughs at her mommy and daddy when we do silly things :) When she cries now it sounds like mamamama and it breaks my heart. But I also wonder...does that count as her first word?! I say yes! Lil C started eating fruits and vegetables! Went to her first Dodger game, had her first baby sitter, went to the LA fair for the first time and sat in the sand for the first time too!

My favorite thing that happened over the last month? Two words, fish face! When she sees us eating or talking she just opens and closes her mouth over and over again, she looks just like a little fish! It just cracks me up! Oh and if you do the fish face to are SURE to get a smile!

Happy mini birthday Charlotte! Already a half a year old, really?

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