Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Busy, busy Saturday!

We had a crazy busy day today! We dropped off birthday cupcakes in Carson at 1pm, wedding cupcakes in Huntington Beach at 2pm, Tallulah's first birthday party at 3pm! AND then...we let Grandma Beth and Grandpa Ken take Charlotte to Jaymee's 13th Birthday party while Kevin and I went to the Hollywood bowl for a date night! Whewww it was a crazy day! Here's the play by play...

Charlotte and I, gearing up for a big day! I love my little hula girl!

Are you guys ready yet?? Let's go to Tallulah's first Birthday Beach Bash already!

Oh, I just LOVE my daddy! Let's play all day!

Gorgeous Molly and her adorable daughter Tallulah!

Molly had a decorate your own cookie table! All the kids really loved it! What a great idea!

I think Bailey decided to try out the frosting, for quality purposes of course!

It was a little hot outside, and Charlotte decided to pass out! She's not used to the heat!

Grandma Beth and her hot little granddaughter!

All she wanted to do was have that water bottle in her mouth!

Wonderful Aunt Sally, doing a little long as it doesn't include changing diapers...she's in!

Tallulah opening her gifts...she LOVED that little car!

Making our getaway to the Hollywood Bowl! See you later everyone!!

We went to a pre-concert dinner sponsered by Gallo. There was so much great food and of!!

Yummy desserts! Banana cream tart, chocolate brownie and a pecan tart...delish!

More wine please...make it a double!

3 glasses of wine later...

Kevin looks ready to go pick some grapes!

It was such a great night!

Cheers! We sat at a table with a DM from CVS, who kinda offered Kevin a job. Super flattering!

Mmmm...dessert and Moscato, two of my favorite things!

And then we went to the concert, Pink Martini!

It was a great venue, we really loved it!

We had a really great night, the cupcake drop offs all went smoothly. Tallulah's 1st Birthday party was a smash hit! Molly sure knows how to throw a party! She even gave each kid a little bucket with beach toys! I can't wait to use it next summer with Little C at the beach!

Date night was a BLAST! The preconcert dinner was spectacular and we drank our weight in wine! We had great seats for the concert. I had never heard of Pink Martini before but was happy to hear them. They sang songs in at least 5 different languages. It was very Jazzy with some Latin spice thrown in! Really beautiful! I will say, Hollywood Bowl...get a better parking system! It was awful! We waited in the lot for at least a half an hour before we were able to sit in bumper to bumper street traffic...oh LA, I love you but I hate you! Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa were so understanding and didn't mind having Charlotte over a little longer than expected!

All in all, it was a great Saturday. So wonderful to see the family and also so great to spend a little alone time with the hub :) We bought a picnic basket at the Bowl Store for our picnic on the beach date night next month! I can't wait!

I'm off to bed! I have to be up early to bake some cupcakes for the LA Galaxy, it's going to be another busy week :)

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  1. Whew, I'm tired just reading it! This should be shown to all parents who think your life is over after kids!! Keep up the fun. It makes being parents fun and keeps your marriage strong. I love it!