Friday, September 11, 2009

Charlotte Rose you're 5 months old!!

Such a silly girl!

The aftermath of the raspberry! Oh baby drool, it's on everything I own!

5 Months old! Oh Charlotte, you are just more adorable everyday and I enjoy all of our time together so much!

Lots of things have changed in the last discovered your tongue and all you want to do is blow raspberries! You have begun to develop quite the sense of humor :) You know that when you blow raspberries it makes your mom laugh and when you're done, you have such a feeling of accomplishment and a big smile usually follows!

What happened last month?? You went on your first run with daddy (followed by many more!), you wore your first bikini, watched your Dad run his first half marathon, learned how to make your parents laugh and are now on your way to your first Chiropractic visit!

You're an amazing little bug to watch, love and play with. I thank my lucky stars everyday that you made your way into our lives. Happy Birthday lil C!

My heart is full :)

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