Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kevin's Half Marathon!

Kevin and Charlotte on race morning!

I'm so proud of you Kevin!!

Me and Charlotte made Kev a good luck sign last night :)

Kevin all set in Corral G at 5:00am!!

Little C was so excited for race day!!

She then pooped out for most of it :)

There were lots of characters running....too cute!!

It was kinda hard to spot Kevin!

But there he is! Going strong at 4 miles....

The race took us all over Disneyland

And since you couldn't be at the finish line they had a big screen for us to look at...and they announced Kevin's name!! Yay!

13.1 miles, you did it!!

Kevin's two biggest fans! My shirt says "Team Witt" Charlotte's says "My Daddy Runs, all I do is roll!"

The happy family!!

Still so handsome after all that running, I lucked out in the husband category!! Congrats Kevin you did AMAZING!!

Today was the day! We got up at 3:15am, [gasp] packed up little C and headed down to Disneyland! Kevin had to be in his Corral at 5:00am! He went to sleep really early last night so he felt good this morning.

We met him at the 4 mile marker to root him on! Little C got a little sleepy and fell asleep on me while we were cheering on some of the other runners. When we saw Kev at the 4 mile marker, he looked great! Like he was just getting started!

The race was set up so that we couldn't really catch up with him anywhere else during the race so we headed down to the finish line...which was a madhouse! I had Charlotte in the stroller, but we pushed our way through and saw Kevin a few steps after he finished and boy, he looked strong! Like he could have easily gone a few more miles!

While I was waiting for Kevin to finish I ran into some really fun people! I even met a guy who had ran the Goofy marathon...1/2 marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday at Disney World, yes, I agree! That is ridiculously goofy!

It was such a well organized race! They had bands playing along the route, cheerleaders cheering them on and lots of other supporters. They got to run all throughout Disneyland, California Adventure and even round out the bases at Angel Stadium! I can tell Kevin had a great time and I was so happy to be there to cheer him to victory :) His finish time was 1 hour 57 minutes and 58 seconds! 9 minute miles Kevin, that's awesome!!

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  1. Sarah, you are too cute with all of your signs. Even though guys may think it's corny, you know inside they just love it!!! You are a wonderful wife for waking up at 3 am, with a baby. Looks like a fun time.