Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm a Maniac, Maniac on the Floor!!

Look at those abs of steel! I love her little body :)

Woo Hoo! She's ready for plies! Or is that second position in the air??

Yes, she has a wiener on her shirt, yes, she's wearing legwarmers and YES this is my favorite outfit of all time!! good friend Becky gave Charlotte a pair of legwarmers while she was still in my belly and I kinda forgot about them. Then yesterday I was shopping for some cute 6 month clothes for little C and I found tons of legwarmers and I bought some more! When I got home from shopping I couldn't resist and I tried them on her...oh man, I was in heaven! She looked so cute! It makes me totally look forward to her ballet days!

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love the legwarmers! I'll have to ask Bailey if that's 2nd position. She actually corrected me when I called a dance move a plie and not a pase.