Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lots of Busy Busy Uncle Time!

Little C was so excited to hang out with her uncle Daniel!!!

He did a little feeding while I got ready to go to brunch...

She was quite a mess!!

Oh man, we were sooo starving!

She only grabbed at our food a couple of times...much better than Souplantation!!

She just wanted a little egg :)

I love this picture!!

Showing off in front of our boat :) Or some stranger's boat, whatever!

Daniel came into town for a few days and it was lucky that Kevin had the day off too! So we decided to head out to Schooner or Later for a little brunch. I love coming here, it's so gorgeous and the food is AMAZING!! When Daniel flew into town yesterday we hit up Souplantation and well, Charlotte decided that she wanted everything on our plates! It was quite a juggle! But today at Schooner, she did much better! She only swiped at our eggs a couple of times :)

Next stop...Starbucks! For a quick fuel injection before the park! Daniel is so busy and important...but looks great with a baby :)

Charlotte was so smitten with the grass! She just wanted to touch it and stare at it!

We were trying to get Charlotte to look at the camera...

Umm...nice try Kevin! But no dice!

Uncle Daniel said,"just let her do what she wants to do". So we did!

What are you guys looking at?


After! She was NOT loving it!

But Daddy made it all better!!

Uncle Daniel kept sticking his tongue out at her! She couldn't get enough!
What a great picture! She was so comfy :)

After brunch we went over to the park to hang out for a little bit. Charlotte was a little out of sorts at first but she warmed right up! Daniel was playing with her and she was having a ball! It must be nice to have so much attention all the time!! We went home to rest up for a little bit, we had lots more to do in the evening!

I LOVE this place! Especially at Christmas!!

It's very Ooh La La!

Daniel at I eating dinner at The Farm! Very delicious!

Kev and Dad, hanging out!

We had a little water show next to our table

Charlotte slept for the first part of dinner, but she was totally enthralled with the water show! Until it started to scare her because it got a little loud :(

Grandpa Larry walked around with Charlotte until we finished our dinner! Thanks Dad!

Daniel's trips are often short, but very action packed! I just love that he's in SF now so that he can come down when he likes! One of my brother's requests for his trip was that Kev and I book tickets to to come visit him in San we did! We'll be visiting him in early December! I am beyond excited! I can't wait to take Charlotte on her first trip :) I hope she does well on the plane! Yikes!!

Thanks Uncle Daniel for making the trip down! We love you tons and tons!!

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  1. wow, talk about BUSY!!!! i love all the pictures. Daniel is sooo sweet with Charlotte! I'm sure she just loves him so much! :) The picture with the leaves on her at the park...i laughed SO hard!!!!!! i love it. i love all you witts!