Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's Go Dodgers, Let's go!

A little photo op before the big game! I love her little Dodger track suit!

We had a long walk to the stadium, we showed up a little late!

On the way to our seats, we ran into Mike Piazza!

We scarfed down a Dodger Dog before the crying began!

Charlotte refused to look at the camera! There was so much going on :)

I started feeding her a bottle before the tears...and then Manny came up to bat and it was all over!

I don't know who's face is funnier! Oh Charlotte...you win, you always do!

A view of the stadium on our way out...1 inning down!

Kevin, so proud with his little girl!

Congrats Charlotte! You made it through your first game!

What a fun...fast night! Dodger Stadium, see you next season :)

We took Charlotte to her first Dodger game today. She did a little better than expected, but not much was expected! She hung in there until the crowd erupted in a roar for Manny! Then she was a bawling mess! We tried to feed her a bottle, which worked for a little bit :) Kev took over after she started crying and he got her to calm down and they had lots of cuddle time...for about an inning! I think that's about all we stayed!

It was a great night and Kevin was so proud to carry Charlotte around in the front pack. She got mega compliments on her little pink Dodger track suit :)

Charlotte, we look forward to tons more Dodger games with you!!

P.S. The Dodger's went into extra innings and won the game! It would have been a great game to watch!!

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  1. So fun! The beauty of baseball games is that it's so loud you are the only one hearing her cry. Bailey went to a Padres game about the same age. We were being schmoozed by one of Colby's clients so we had a box, a little different scenario. Good for you for going! Hopefully next time she will last a little longer.